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Sperm Prep Media (12mL) Single (new exp. date. Includes Ice pak)

  • SpermPrep®  Media is a uniquely formulated diluent that provides excellent results during semen preparation (and is recommended for use with the SpermPrep® I and SpermPrep® II Filtration Columns, or with the Zavos Swim-Up Column) for sperm reconstitution prior to IUI and all your other assisted reproductive techniques. SpermPrep® Media provides the following properties:


    • Isotonic with semen and prevents any osmotic shock to the spermatozoa during all in-vitro maniputaltion steps.
    • Provides optimal buffering capacity (HEPES buffered) and maintains the pH within physiological levels, which ensures excellent sperm survival.
    • Protects and insulates the sperm during all in-vitro manipulations as it contains 3% bovine serum albumin  (BSA).  The level of BSA is adequate to maximize and maintain all the beneficial effects of albumin in a semen diluent,  during all in-vitro sperm manipulations.
    • Sterile preparation, however, it does not contain any antibiotics. Recent reports showed that small amounts of penicillin present in transfer media used for assisted reproductive procedures may cause allergic reactions in penicillin-sensitive patients. (Fertility Sterility 58 (4): 847-849, 1992).
    • Preserves the life of the spermatozoa, which enables optimal fecundity.

    SpermPrep® Media can be used not only for SpermPrep® filtration and with the Zavos Swim-Up Column®, but also for all of your in-vitro sperm manipulation needs and for intra-uterine insemination purposes. For your convenience, SpermPrep® Media is available in either 12mL bottles or in dose-efficient packaging for convenient in-office use (10 x 12mL).  It is also very economically priced to reduce the cost to your patients.  The SpermPrep® Media is a multi-purpose, low-cost solution that both you and your patients can depend on.

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