InVitroCare SpermCare One-Step IUI System without Catheter


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InVitroCare SpermCare One-Step IUI System without IUI Catheters

SKU: IVC 1Step
  •  InVitroCare SpermCare One-Step is a ready to use sperm preparation system for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). The system includes pre-measured gradient in 15mL centrifuge tubes and premeasured InVitroCare Sperm Wash Medium in glass vials.

    [Note: This item must be shipped over night, since this item is perishable ]

    • The gradient, consisting of silane coated colloidal silica particles suspended in HEPES-buffered HTF, removes bacteria, epithelial cells, cell debris, immature sperm, and lymphocytes.
    • All system components contain glucose as a useable energy substrate to maintain normal cell metabolism and sperm function.

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