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Travel in SAFETY, stylE and comfort with the Infrared Energy Mask!!



One of a kind Infrared Energy Mask. The mask is constructed by "Accapi FIR" which is an energy yarn that emits infrared wavelength frequencies which denatures viruses such as Covid 19. 

This is the ultimate weapon against the Covid virus. 

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Since Covid-19, life has changed dramatically. Lockdowns, social distancing, masks, masks, and more masks! But with all of those masks came perfecting the mask. This mask has done it. With air and sea travel now coming back into our world, we need the absolute best mask there is to go perfectly with the Covid-19 vaccine. Both wise, and stylish, this jockey and racehorse adorned mask will get you where you’re going and get you with those you’ve been wanting to see.


Cabin air on airplanes is some of the poorest air out there. Recycled through filters, if filters are used at all, the filters are not performing at high capacity during take-off and landing. So what about actual flight time? Why take that chance. Wear your own air filter. Close quarters alone, like on an airplane, can transmit Covid-19, Flu, and everything in between. Be protected from take-off to landing!


This mask is very special in the way it is made. The ACCAPI FIR™ Far-Infrared energy mask is constructed out of an energy yarn blended with Titanium, Platinum and Aluminum that emits a natural and constant far infrared frequency with wavelengths between 4 and 14 microns (bio infrared ray). While the ACCAPI mask is a passive mask, it is also a bioactive mask which offers a much greater form of protection.


The elements inside the mask’s energy yarn actively emits infrared wavelength frequencies which denatures, eliminates and neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 with over 99.97% efficacy. You only need to wash this mask when it gets soiled or stained. It is breathable 24/7, 365 days a year. Anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, eczema and sensitive skin-friendly. High protection, low maintenance.


Show your intelligence by wearing this super stylish, smart, jockey and racehorse adorned gorgeous mask. Win, place, or show. The ACCAPI FIR™ Far-Infrared energy mask is a favorite in the race of life!

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