The Fertility Technologies International (FTI) global headquarters are located in historic Lexington, Kentucky, USA with various affiliates located worldwide. FTI and our other reproductive health affiliates aim to unify professional integrity and unsurpassed quality of products with exceptional customer service and sensible pricing. 

Our medical and scientific team is headed by "The Father of Andrology" Prof. Zavos, who is recognized worldwide as a leading researcher and a strong authority in the areas of male reproductive medicine, gamete physiology, male infertility, andrology, and a multitude of other ART procedures. The FTI team invites all of you to explore our wide range of unique products and services designed especially for the infertility specialist and its infertility clients.


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10 Infrared Adult Masks (Large)

Professor Zavos attended the 2020 ARAB HEALTH CONFERENCE.

Dr. Zavos' booth demonstrated  product(s) in the United States section of the conference.  

Professor Zavos can be contacted through this or any Zavos Scientific, Fertility Technologies International, INC., or ZDL Global Websites via the PARTNERS section of this website.




Our team of experts and leaders are completely dedicated to bringing you the best in quality and expertise that is needed in today's infertility market. They are under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Panos Zavos, who is a world renowned scientist and innovative leader in the development of many new technologies involved in human reproduction. His work also has generated powerful worldwide implications.

Experience you can count on

 The Fertility Technologies International (FTI) is totally dedicated to developing and marketing quality products and technologies for the treatment of human infertility. FTI's global headquarters is located in historic Lexington, Kentucky, with affiliates worldwide. In addition, FTI and our reproductive health affiliates aim to unify professional integrity and unsurpassed quality with exceptional customer service and sensible pricing.  We are proud to be offering you, the physician and your patients, products and services that apply from A to Z in the infertility market.

Quality you can trust

Fertility Technologies International selects only the most reputable and knowledgeable health product retailers to act as our distribution partners throughout the globe. We welcome specialty retailers as well as established medical partners from around the world to join us in our global mission of helping couples become families. Our high standards allow us to offer unparalleled value and success to both our customers and our distributors.

"If your dream is parenthood, it is our goal to make that dream a reality."  Prof Zavos



"Starting a family and having a baby is a great moment in anyone's life." Prof Zavos

World renowned reproductive specialist, Dr. Panos Zavos, has devoted over 35 years to the development of fertility technologies, in the never ending pursuit of helping people just like you become parents.  We are with you every step of the way, and at Fertility Technologies International, we offer you unsurpassed product quality and complete dedication to each customer's unique journey to parenthood.

The product lines featured in our online store follow along the natural progression from preconception to pregnancy to nursing and parenthood. We offer products that focus on fertility awareness and pre-conception conditioning, helping couples trying to conceive learn about their fertility to better anticipate when they are most likely to conceive. 


We are proud to be offering you, the physician and your patients, products that apply from A to Z in the infertility market. FTI, Inc., via the introduction of its product line, is seeking to capture a major part of the infertility market, especially the portion directed toward the male fertility and IUI market, particularly that of the private physician that performs routine semen analyses, semen preparation, ovulation induction and prediction, and insemination in his office and wishes to control and maintain his clientele.  




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